Yay 4 days

I can't draw anything 4 days  - -" Oh noooo
Now I draw now hahah


My Work is Handmade

Yes (- -) I think This is more difference from other My work is Handmade - -" because I have problem with my eye. I can't watch monitor long time


I 'm Cold

Sorry for that so I can't draw anything ^^ ":


Our Buffer is empty

Ah Isee Yes Our Buffer is empty Now so Wait for new one = = /


Ah finish it

My partner want me to make screen for t-shirt - -:" I finished Yaaaah

OK Now I will work comic now - -"


Hot Hot Hot

AKKKKK it is so hoot .....

I can't draw Anything ( -- )


Re-Birth Yahhh Time to come

Ah Now My webcomic is gone well so I think It will be good to report work in Our process brfore to post to my friend
so you can see my webcomic before go to public = 0 =/

So I think it's good time to Open my blog for my dear webcomic reader

> < P.S for thai people sorry for that I will be make it to english now ^ ^